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Website of the Brazil Climate Hub updated for the new edition of the COP

Content includes the main points of interest for Brazil, opportunities and the participation of society in the Conference of the Parties of UNFCCC, in Glasgow.

Almost there! COP 26, which will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, in November, is coming, and with it a series of questions: will Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, which deals with the carbon market, be negotiated and finalized? How will the $100 billion financing for adaptation and mitigation in poor and developing countries take place? What will be the role of Brazil in the discussions? To prepare and understand a little more about pre-COP, the website https://www.brazilclimatehub.org has been updated, with articles on the negotiations and other policy issues relevant to the climate agenda, as well as logistical information. The site will soon be updated with the schedule of events at the Brazil Climate Action Hub, which is a space for Brazilian society at COP 26.

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