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Ode to sustainable entrepreneurship

In the new edition of the podcast What Do I Gain With This?, The World We Want and ClimaTempo talk with pipe.social about the 3rd Map of Socioenvironmental Impact Business

The podcast What Do I Gain With This? by The World We Want in partnership with ClimaTempo, in its new edition has a chat with pipe.social, which has launched the 3rd Map of Socioenvironmental Impact Business. This gathers together over 60 organizations to map entrepreneurs aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. With the objective of shortening the path between those who are entrepreneurs in Brazil (and who, even with good ideas and willpower, face challenges and a lack of incentives) and those who have funds to invest, pipe.social has opened new registrations for the Map, focused on innovative solutions to improve people's quality of life, build a more sustainable economy and a more just and green future. Listen here to the podcast!

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