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The website of the subnational platform "para o CLIMA" is online!

Officially launched on June 1, 2021, the website of the subnational platform paraoCLIMA consolidates strategic information in order to support local actions regarding the causes and impacts of climate change.

The geolocation of climate commitments and organizations that work on the climate agenda in cities and states; a library with publications and a calendar for training and events. These are some of the features on the website of the subnational platform paraoCLIMA.

The website www.paraoclima.org.br also provides information about financing; consultation of policies and funds for climate projects; and the profile of the elected mayors in the capitals in 2020. The website was curated collaboratively and remains open to contributions that can enhance climate initiatives in the cities and states.

Conceived by and for those who have been supporting the commitments for the climate agenda, the website of the subnational platform paraoCLIMA is a consultation tool for information that is designed to contribute and direct actions to contain climate change at the subnational level.

Based on data available on the platform, in June, July and August, three technical meetings will be held to discuss the responsibilities of cities and states in the climate agenda, the financing for climate action and local participation in the Brazilian NDC. Promoted by the Alliance for Climate Action - ACA Brasil, the first meeting will take place on June 15, at 10:30, and is open to public administrators, civil society organizations and other interested parties. Click here to learn more about this and to register for free.

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