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The project 'Health and Happiness Without Corona' by the NGO Health and Happiness, and the 'COVID-19 Indigenous Alert' application by COIAB and IPAM, were two of the winners of the 2020 Social Entrepreneur Award, of Folha

And finally, the winners of the Folha de S. Paulo Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award were announced. In congratulating everyone, we would like to highlight the two grantees and their deservedly recognized work: the Health and Happiness project, together with a network of partners, carried out a series of actions focused on giving support to the SUS and the riverside and indigenous peoples of the Lower Amazon through the campaign 'Health and Happiness Without Corona'; and COIAB and IPAM, for the COVID-19 Indigenous Alert application, created to highlight and provide information about the impact of the coronavirus among indigenous peoples, from the cities and territories. Read about all the awarded initiatives here.

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