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Mobility: racism, bidding processes and harassment

Reports produced by the Microbolsas Mobility project, of Agência Pública, and by The Color of Mobility, of ITDP, are highlights of the month

Two new reports from the Microbolsas Mobility project have been published, developed by Agência Pública, with the intention of encouraging investigative journalism, by inviting journalism students to examine agendas on urban mobility.

In one of the reports, a survey analyzed R$ 6.8 billion in bidding processes for mobility in the city of São Paulo, from the management of Kassab to Covas. Although the lack of transparency prejudiced the study, the report shows that seven out of the ten consortia that were awarded the most expensive municipal bidding processes involved companies accused of administrative impropriety.

The second article focuses on Salvador, where women do not feel safe when travelling around the city. Some of the complaints heard by the report are: fear of suffering sexual violence, racism and LGBT phobia, in addition to the terrible transport conditions. “According to data from the Public Security Department of Bahia (SSP-BA), since 2019, when the crime of sexual harassment was first registered in the state, 18 complaints have already been reported in Salvador – 12 committed on buses, 3 on trains and one in transport using an application. Up to April 2020, there have been three records of harassment taking place on municipal buses,” says the article.

In addition, ITDP continues with its special reporting of The Color of Mobility project, in which it produces content about the impact of structural racism on travel by black and mixed-race people in Brazilian cities. Read about it here!

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