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A partnership between iCS, O Mundo Que Queremos [The World We Want] and ClimaTempo has devoted space to provide news about the Brazilian startups that have advanced to the final stage of the ClimateLaunchPad

A partnership between O Mundo Que Queremos, which is an iCS grantee, and ClimaTempo has devoted space to provide news about the best Brazilian initiatives that are competing for the global award of the ClimateLaunchPad , organized in Brazil by Climate Ventures. So far, there have been three reports about three startups. One of them talks about Steps, which is an app from Curitiba that computes the steps taken when walking around the city or the kilometers traveled by bicycle. These can be then exchanged for points that can be used as discounts in local businesses.

Another featured startup is Tradeenergy, which is a platform that connects producers of renewable energies with consumers. Agroforestry is not left out: the Pentagram platform pools experiences and creates bridges between investors, producers, farm owners and agricultural industries to enable the application of large-scale agroforestry models.

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