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New iCS program director: Leonardo Lacerda

A fundamental part of the story of iCS since its inception, with connections to our creation, Leonardo will lead the team of portfolio coordinators. Welcome!

It is with honor and enormous joy that we announce Leonardo Lacerda as the new iCS program director. Leonardo has been part of the story of iCS since the beginning. As director of the environment program at the Oak Foundation, he helped to establish the creation of iCS with the help of other international philanthropic organizations. He was the first chairman of the iCS board, and had an important role as a member of this board until recently, when he left in order to apply for the position he will now occupy.

Leonardo worked for 14 years at the Oak Foundation and, before that, 13 years at the WWF, in addition to helping to create the Vitória Amazônica Foundation. He has a profound knowledge of the climate agenda and the world of philanthropy. He will certainly provide an enormous contribution to the progress of our programs. From the second quarter of 2021, he will be responsible for leading our portfolio coordinator team.

We look forward to his arrival and offer a warm welcome!

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