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Misinformation about climate change

Facebook, the world's largest social network, was incapable of monitoring disinformation about the climate satisfactorily until at least April 2021. For Ana Toni, Mark Zuckerberg is "an accomplice of the denialists"

Facebook was not capable of monitoring disinformation about climate change satisfactorily until at least April 2021, according to documents leaked to the US Congress and to which Agência Público had access, in partnership with Núcleo Jornalismo. In the case of Ag. Pública, the executive director of the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS), Ana Toni, says that Mark Zuckerberg is “an accomplice of the denialists.” “Your employees are saying this [the importance of stopping the climate crisis], science is saying this and your users are saying this. So, if he wants to let himself be manipulated by the denialists, and it appears that this is what he wants, because they can pay, he is on the wrong side of history." Read more at https://lnkd.in/d878NnRW

Credit: After the leak of the internal Facebook documents, a former employee Frances Haugen confirmed in a testimony to a commission of the US Congress that the company "prefers profit" (Reproduction: YouTube C-SPAN)

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