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Puzzle of land use in Brazil

The Institute for Environmental Research of the Amazon Region published an international paper on the possible equation between an increase of agricultural production and the reduction of deforestation in the Amazon region

IPAM has just published a technical study in the Land Use Policy Scientific Journal. Entitled "Solving Brazil's land use puzzle: Increasing production and slowing Amazon deforestation," this study shows that this equation is possible and necessarily involves the allocation of public land, which would reduce the appropriation and speculation. Three other points are highlighted: the need for public policies and a market to prevent deforestation; private and public investment should focus on increasing agricultural productivity; and technical assistance can promote sustainability and benefits to small farmers. All this in a context in which Brazil is a global force in agriculture: the country produced 30% of the world's soybeans and 15% of the meat in 2013, although much of this growth has been at the expense of the native ecosystems.


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