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Green wave

Climate Ventures and Pipe.Labo have launched a full survey with a call to entrepreneurs, investors, governments and actors for a transformation in the relationship between business, people and the environment

The transition to a green economy that is guided by bold commitments towards decarbonization obtained a new document that qualifies the national debate. Produced by Climate Ventures and Pipe.Labo, in a strategic partnership with iCS and other institutions, the study “The green wave: opportunities to undertake and invest with a positive environmental impact in Brazil” consolidates the main challenges faced by the country on the subject. As a result, there is a matrix that summarizes 30 business opportunities in key sectors for the Brazilian environmental agenda: Agriculture and Cattle Breeding, Forestry and Land Use, Industry, Logistics and Mobility, Energy and Biofuels, Water and Sanitation, Waste Management and the Financial Sector.

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