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A group of Brazilian investors and fund managers released a joint policy declaration to support low carbon initiatives and in favor of the climate

Eighteen institutional investors and fund managers totaling R$ 873 billion in assets under management published a joint declaration to support public policies that develop a low carbon economy and initiatives in favor of the climate. The group forms part of the Investors for the Climate (IPC), which is an initiative promoted by Sitawi Finance for Good with support from the Institute for Climate and Society. It launched the initiative during the panel “Moving the trillions: Aligning finance and public policy for decarbonization,” at the Brazil Climate Action Hub. Watch it here

Credit: Rafael Gersely, CFA (Sustainable Finance Expert @ Sitawi/ IPC engagement leader), José Pugas (partner @ JGP/ ESG leader), Karl Vella (Director @ WBCSD), Grazielle Parenti (VP @ BRF) and Bruno Aranha (Director @ BNDES) @ Brazil Climate Action Hub event where the Brazilian Investor's declaration was launched.

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