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Families for the Climate

The group has filed an action against the government of the state of São Paulo for non-compliance with the state policy of climate change in the IncentivAuto Program

The Families for the Climate Movement filed an action on September 25 against the government of the state of São Paulo. The group reports that the IncentivAuto Program, created at the end of 2019, offers subsidies to the automotive sector without any compensation towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fails to comply with the state policy for climate change. In general, it provides a financing grant of at least R$ 1 billion for an expansion of vehicle factories in the state and a 25% discount on advance payments when the loan exceeds R$ 10 million. The compensation, argues the Families for the Climate, is derisory: the creation of only 400 jobs in a state that has lost 340,000 jobs in the first half of 2020 due to the pandemic.

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