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Fair transition from coal to clean sources

In the race of global energy transition, the weight of mineral coal in the energy matrix of South Africa was the subject of the sixth webinar from the series Energy Transition in the World, promoted by the E+ Institute

The challenge of developing its economy, with an energy matrix that is highly based on mineral coal (70% of the installed capacity), makes South Africa bet on a fair transition from coal to cleaner energy sources. Bruce Raw, director of strategy for the South African think tank GreenCape, presented the context and perspectives of the country, while Donato Filho, founding partner of Volt Robotics and ex-director of Regulation and Energy Planning at EDP Energias do Brasil, drew a parallel with the Brazilian context. The moderation was by Nicole Oliveira, an expert in climate change and international sustainability and financial director at the Arayara International Institute.

The sixth webinar from the series Energy Transition in the World, by the E+ Institute, brought the experience of South Africa and the socioeconomic development opportunities offered by the energy transition. The series intends to map challenges and solutions for the energy transition in different scenarios and regions of the world, always drawing parallels with the options in Brazil.

Watch the webinar in full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2MVkBNQwMA

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