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Florianópolis joins the Efficient Cities Program, of CBCS

The Work Group from the local government will now collect data involving the use of energy and water in municipal buildings to develop a reduction plan

On November 13, 2019, the Florianópolis local government signed the instrument that officially formalized the implementation of the Floripa Efficient City project, by the Brazilian Council of Sustainable Construction (CBCS), a grantee of iCS. The initiative, which involves a work group formed by local government employees, will collect data involving the use of energy and water data in buildings occupied by the municipal administration. Then, in March 2020, there will be the adaptation of public policies for the reduction of use of the resources, with the results to be presented in June of the same year. For more information, click on the websites of the local government, Floripa Amanhã , Economia SC and Cidades Eficientes. [Efficient Cities]

Crédito: Cristiano Andujar - PMF

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