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Diversity Week

Among the achievements of 2018, we highlight the partnership entered into with the Center for the Studies of Labor Relations and Inequalities (CEERT). We held the first workshop of diversity and equity with the entire iCS team in August last year. The workshop was conducted by Maria Aparecida Bento, who has a doctorate in psychology and is the executive director of CEERT. The institutional training project sought to provide a deeper understanding of how the racial and gender issues are present (or absent) in our everyday professional actions. We also organized two activities with our grantees: one in Rio de Janeiro and another in Sao Paulo.

As a consequence of this, the dialogue encouraged initial reflections on how the development of the work of iCS is related to the objective of reducing the racial inequalities that structure the different areas and contexts of our country. On July 25, when the International Day of Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean Women is celebrated, iCS - in partnership with CEERT - organized the Diversity Week. There were two consecutive days of programming with the iCS team.


Panel I – Climate justice and environmental justice: racial and gender equity in Brazil

Roberto Rocha - Representative from the National Movement of the Collectors of Recyclable Materials (MNCR); Coordinator of the Rede Cata Sampa; CEO of the National Association of Collectors (ANCAT) and consultant and owner of the startup Atitude Circular.

Fernanda Bairros - Teacher of Public Health at UFRS. She has a doctorate in Epidemiology, a post-doctorate in Public Health, and has been a member of CONSEA from 2017 to 2019. She works at Redessan (Network of Black Women for Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security).

João Marcelo - João Marcelo Ramos has a degree in Environmental Science from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) and will give an account of the Monograph: "Environmental Racism and Climate Justice: contribution to an environmental education contextualized to a climate justice"

Mediation: Gisele dos Anjos Santos - She works at CEERT, has a doctorate in Social History from USP, and is an expert in gender and race relations, intersectionality, and diversity in the labor market.

Panel II – Our grantees: How are we doing on the subject of diversity?

Ana Nassar - Director of programs of ITDP Brasil

Henrique Silveira - Executive coordinator of Casa Fluminense

Luana Costa e Letícia Domingues - Mobilization organizer of Movimento Nossa BH

Carmela Zigoni - Policy advisor of Inesc

Mediation: Andréia Coutinho Louback, communication coordinator of iCS


Panel I – Challenges of racial equity in philanthropic institutions

Gustavo Narciso - Manager of programs and the strengthening of communities of the Instituto C&A

Thales Vieira - Manager of portfolios of the Instituto Ibirapitanga

Sônia Dias - Superintendent of the Fundação Itaú Social

Panel II – Diversity and Equity at the Institute for Climate and Society

iCS Diversity Working Group (WG) - (History of the initiatives, status of the actions and challenges with the members of the WG)

On the last day, Ana Toni suggested a new name for the Diversity WG. It will be called the Marielle Franco WG, whose objective is to discuss the racial issues that permeate the internal processes of the organization and the projects that we finance. Certainly, there are still many challenges ahead!

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