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Democratic Dialogues discusses the popular distrust of political parties and politicians

The second edition of the event took place on June 17, in the midst of an important context: 7 out of every 10 Brazilians say they have no confidence in the political party organizations

What are the researchers, movements, politicians and political parties doing to overcome the distrust and to strengthen the democratic construction in the country, based on the interests of society and the role of the political parties? This was the subject of the second edition of Democratic Dialogues, organized by the Pact for Democracy, and held in São Paulo on June 17. The context is important: according to a recent survey performed by Datafolha, seven out of every ten Brazilians say they have no confidence in the party political organizations. It is in this scenario that platforms and movements arise with candidatures from diverse parties, generating a new logic of association for the political-electoral dispute. Read about it here!

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