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Cuiabá obtains a diagnosis of the impact of climate change

Volume 2 of the Caderno Iyaleta is the seventh publication of the socio-spatial impacts of the climate in the capitals of the Amazon. The work is part of the Urban Legal Amazon project

It was the turn of Cuiabá to be diagnosed for “Dimensions and impacts of climate change in the unequal city of Cuiabá (Mato Grosso),” which is volume 2 of the Caderno Iyaleta. It reveals the scenarios of the ethnic-racial and gender inequalities, the conditions of access to basic sanitation and housing, by the indicators of vulnerability that have an impact on black and indigenous people, in particular women. “The urban racial segregation in Cuiabá reflects the guidelines of the master plan that established the denial of fundamental rights to the entire Black population and paid no attention to the effects of climate change in the social function of urban property.” Access the full document here.

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