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Climate litigation in Brazil

A webinar and an e-book discuss the legal arguments to include the climate variable in environmental licensing based on constitutional analyses and court cases.

The Research Group on Law, Environment and Justice in the Anthropocene (JUMA/NINA/PUC-Rio), the Brazilian Association of Members of the Prosecution Office for the Environment (ABRAMPA) and Editora PUC-Rio held the open class “Environmental Law and Climate Change: an evaluation of climate impacts in environmental licensing" with a live stream on YouTube.

During the event, the study Climate litigation in Brazil: Legal arguments for the inclusion of the climate variable in environmental licensing was launched, coordinated by Danielle de Andrade Moreira. The study seeks to prove that conditions already exist from a legal point of view for an environmental agenda to be not only implemented, but also complied with in Brazil. The authors and researchers provided evidence that the national legal-environmental system already provides instruments that are capable of successfully confronting the climate crisis, based on constitutional analyses, legal cases and data exposure. To read the study, click here.

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