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85% of Catholics say that the Amazon is fundamental in combating climate change

The result forms part of the research of the Big Data Institute, commissioned by Purpose. Out of every 10 Catholics, 7 believe it is fundamental to preserve the Amazon for the development of Brazil

Out of every ten Catholics, seven consider it is fundamental to preserve the Amazon, with the argument that growth of the country and its development depend directly on the protected environment. This is one of the main conclusions of the research, Catholics and the Amazon, commissioned by Purpose with the Big Data Institute. Not only this: 85% consider that preserving the Amazon is essential in order to reduce the effects of global warming, which shows a clear association between the standing forest and confronting climate change. Overall, the survey included 1,502 Catholics, men and women over 16 years old, in all of Brazil, on June 1-13, 2019. Other numbers that deserve highlighting are: 52% consider deforestation as the greatest current threat to nature, while 83% recognize that global warming is a reality that has been proven by scientists. The result also shows a very low percentage of support for the environmental policies of the federal government.

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Credit: EBC

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