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Agriculture can be green

The episode of the podcast “What do I benefit with this?” by O Mundo Que Queremos, presents the beneficial relationship of the approximation between agriculture and the environment with a focus on green bonds

Agriculture and environmental preservation: are they antagonistic activities? Quite the opposite. When combined, the results are beneficial to both sides. This was the subject of an episode of the podcast “What do I benefit with this,” which was produced by O Mundo Que Queremos [The World That We Want] in partnership with iCS. The discussion included Martha de Sá, co-founder of Vert Securitizadora, and Fernanda Mello, CEO of DuAgro, a rural credit fintech company, to explain what green bonds are and how they can be an important tool for agriculture and for the environment. Additionally, the two companies are helping to build this future based on a low carbon economy. Listen to the podcast here.

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