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Practical Agenda for the Green Recovery

This is the name of the series of webinars that Convergence for Brazil is holding in partnership with ICC Brasil. Learn about the two discussions that have already happened and watch them in full

Convergence for Brazil and ICC Brasil (the International Chamber of Commerce – Brazil) has initiated the series of webinars “Practical Agenda for the Green Recovery.” Its proposal is to discuss and indicate ways to bring about actions that optimize the Brazilian economic development in the transition towards a low carbon economy. On October 20, the former Finance Minister and signatory of the Convergence for Brazil, Joaquim Levy, spoke with Stefano de Clara, director of international policy at the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), and Gustavo Pimentel, director of sustainable finance at SITAWI, about “Carbon pricing: opportunities and risks for Brazil in the transition to the low carbon economy.” Gabriella Dorlhiac, from ICC Brasil, was the mediator. Watch it here.

On November 3, Ana Toni mediated the discussion with the subject “Building a green tax reform,” which is extremely important and whose campaign is supported by iCS. The webinar included Gustavo Krause, the former Finance Minister and signatory of the Convergence for Brazil, Ian Parry, Principal Environmental Fiscal Policy Expert at the IMF, and Suely Araújo, a senior specialist in public policies at the Climate Observatory. Watch the entire discussion here.

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