The goal of the portfolio is to contribute to the acceleration of the decarbonization process of the Brazilian economy. In order to reach this goal, we work with civil society, the private sector and governmental authorities in three initiatives:

To generate evidence to support decision-making towards a low-carbon economy - Incorporation of metrics into the decision-making process relating to investments and to carbon intensity, as part of the national accounts system that supports decision-making and enhancement of tax and development policies.

To redirect investments and subsidies – Expansion of investment in the Brazilian economy to low carbon sectors through the engagement of investor in setting decarbonization targets for companies in line with the Paris Agreement targets, in addition to disinvestment in fossil energy sources.

To expand the number of good projects – Integration of entrepreneurs and innovators in the construction of the new low-carbon economy, fostering processes of co-creation, prototyping, incubation and acceleration of new businesses. Acceleration of the transition into low-carbon business models by means of the incorporation of technologies, processes and principles of bio-economics, as well as circular and regenerative economics.

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