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Ana Toni

Executive Director

Ana is executive director of the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) and a founding partner of GIP (Gestão de Interesse Público) [Management of Public Interest]. She is an economist and has a PhD in Political Science. Ana has had a long career in working and supporting projects focused on social justice, the promotion of public policies and areas involving the environment, climate change and philanthropy. She was Chairperson of the Board of Greenpeace International (2010-2017), a director of the Ford Foundation in Brazil (2003-2011) and of ActionAid Brasil (1998-2002). In addition to having been a member of the board of GIFE, WINGS, ITS and Wikimedia, Ana is currently a member of the Network of Brazilian Women Leaders for Sustainability and the boards of Light, the Gold Standard Foundation, IPAM and Transparency International Brazil.

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Thatiana Santos

Executive Assistant

Thatiana has a degree in journalism from FACHA, a master’s degree in political science from the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, and a post-graduate qualification in media relations. She has national and international experience in the areas of communication and journalism, with expertise in the development of projects of external communication, internal marketing and media relations. She worked for about 13 years as a reporter, in media relations, and as an internal communications consultant in Europe and the United States. Thatiana has worked with the monitoring and realization of readings and analyses of materials in printed and electronic media. At iCS, she is the executive assistant, responsible for the strategic support - internally and externally – involving the institutional agenda and support for the iCS board.