The objective of the energy program is to promote, by 2050, a Brazilian low carbon energy sector. The country has sufficient natural resources to build both a robust energy sector of zero carbon emissions, and a sector of new sustainable biofuels. In seeking this goal, we are working with academia, civil society, the private sector, regulatory authorities, cities and consumers. Each of these actors is a source of energy for change.

The program includes the following initiatives:

Democratizing and decentralizing the electric sector – Modern technologies, such as photovoltaic panels, allow the production of electricity in smaller units with the same output as the large generation plants. This signifies that the regulation and the current business models in the electric sector must be open to the participation of new agents, which are often small in size. The existing legislation and regulation were designed for a verticalized electric sector, in which the electricity flows from the large plants to the end consumer.

Encouraging new renewable energies – In Brazil, solar, wind and biomass sources offer environmental, social and economic advantages. The objective of this initiative is to promote the substitution of the fossil sources – starting with oil and its derivatives, and coal – by these new renewable sources.

Promoting energy efficiency, distributed generation and the smart grid – Studies by the IEA (International Energy Agency) demonstrate that at least one third of the increase in electric demand, of today by 2050, could be met by an increase in energy efficiency. In other words, one third of the new energy could be provided by the already existing generation plants. The advantages of increased energy efficiency are: (i) lower spending on energy by consumers, (ii) less need of public funds for the construction of new generation plants, (iii) socio-environmental impacts avoided in the construction and operation of these plants, and (iv) lower emission of polluting gases, including greenhouse gas emissions. The objective of this initiative is to guarantee that these innovations are part of the efficient and competitive low carbon economy.


ANDI - Agência de Notícias dos Direitos da Infância

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 240,000 Period - 5 months To analyze the content of the main newspapers, magazines and online media coverage on energy and energy efficiency issues, identifying lack of information due to journalists and editors being unfamiliar with issues they cover. This assessment will be key to enhance communication from iCS grantees on the chosen issues.

INEE - Instituto Nacional de Eficiência Energética

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 168,000 Period - 8 months Analysis of the potential contribution, additional and economically feasible, from the cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power - SHP) based on sugarcane biomass, to a Zero Carbon Power Sector up to 2050.

IEI - International Energy Initiative

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 1,243,000 Period - 24 months Economic analysis of the energy efficiency in the power sector, including end uses at customers. Identification of regulatory barriers to the broadening, effectiveness and permanency of energy efficiency within the Brazilian economy. Elaborate indicators to monitor and evaluate energy efficiency programmes, policies and initiatives. Outreach along the project aiming at a broad coalition for energy efficiency, generated distribution and smart grid.

IPCT Assessoria e Consultoria

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 59,600 Period - 6 months To map the impact of COP 21 on the brazilian Energy Efficiency.

Mitsidi Serviços e Projetos

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 40.000,00 Period - 4 meses To produce a position paper on current situation of low carbon buildings in Brasil. Mapping of low carbon buildings all over the country and stakeholders involved are within the scope. Purpose is to assess iCS possible granting for public policy advocacy and pilot projects.

Greenpeace Brasil

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 150,000 Period - 12 months To continue the work developed with Greenpeace to further develop and implement their strategy on low carbon Urban Mobility, as well as supporting the release of the Energy Revolution report.

IEMA - Instituto Energia e Meio Ambiente

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 1.070.000,00 Period - 18 meses Umbrella project to increase effectiveness of CSOs’ efforts towards a low carbon economy, including work on: a) the role of the new renewables for a zero carbon power sector up to 2050; b) urban mobility financial flows; c) capacity building of CSOs to address urban mobility in Recife city; and d) update and support the development of a new product at SEEG (System Study Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimates) of the Climate Observatory.

COPPE - Instituto Alberto Luiz Coimbra de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Engenharia

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 300,000 Period - 6 meses To determinate possible Brazilian Energy Sector contribution to a global 2C Scenario (2DS) using a model developed by Prof. Schaeffer from COPPE, at UFRJ. Energy model is coupled to a General Equilibrium Model representing the Brazilian economy´ structure as 2010.


Instituto Escolhas

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 1,575,000 Period - 18 months To strength the public debate about the implementation of Brazil’s National Determined Contribution (NDC), by developing research, outreach and advocacy initiatives with the focus on the possible social and economic impacts of its NDC implementation (impact of the energy efficiency goal, as reducing 10% of power consumption by 2030).

GBC – Green Building Council

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 177,000 Period - 12 months To write down the first requirements for Zero GHG Emission Buildings in Brazil and, in parallel, to release it on seminars, courses and other outreach activities, directed to contractors, estate developers, construction components industries, to promote a low carbon building´s industry along the next decades.

Instituto Centro de Vida

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 320,000 Period - 12 months To support capacity building of indigenous people communities and representatives, on issues related to energy planning, renewable sources of energy with special attention to hydroelectricity and To bring together people from different communities at the same site and activities, along the year, to promote their experience´s exchange and the build up of common understanding of hydropower projects.

CPI – Climate Policy Initiative

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 340,000 Period - 12 months To identify the barriers for the industrial sector to implement measures related to the efficient use of energy, and to propose policy changes that will foster energy efficiency for industry.

CBCS - Conselho Brasileiro de Construção Sustentável

PORTFOLIO - Energy and Urban Mobility Amount - R$ 350,000 Period - 12 months To promote smart buildings (i.e. energy efficiency, water conservation and active mobility) in public buidlings/facilities, in order to show case the importance of cities’ action in promoting low carbon solutions.

IDEC - Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor

PORTFOLIO - Energy and Urban Mobility Amount - R$ 900,000 Period - 12 months To promote urban mobility and power sector policies in Brazil, focusing on a consumer’s perspectives of a low-carbon transition. The mobility component focuses on improving public transportation. The power component, on developing institutional capability to promote power consumers protection.

IEMA – Instituto de Energia e Meio Ambiente

PORTFOLIO - Energy and Urban Mobility Amount - R$ 1,200,000 Period - 18 months To assess the potential role of bioelectricity at the Brazilian generation matrix, for a Zero Carbon Power Sector up to 2050 scenario.

PORTFÓLIO - Energia Elétrica Valor - R$ 250.000,00 Duração - 18 meses Mobilizar os municípios brasileiros e as autoridades dos Estados contra a exploração dos combustíveis fósseis, estabelecer barreiras ou medidas de proibição apropriadas, ao longo da mobilização local das OSC, visando os tomadores de decisão.

LAPPUS - Lab. Politicas Publicas e Sociais

PORTFÓLIO - Energia Elétrica Valor - R$ 30.000,00 Duração - 6 meses Mobilizar e informar organizações da sociedade civil, governo e mídia do estado do Rio Grande do Sul sobre os impactos das atividades de mineração de carvão sobre o meio ambiente e a saúde pública das comunidades locais. O impacto de uma possível extinção de atividades de mineração também será abordado.

WRI – World Resource Institute

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 342,000 Period - 12 months


Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor (Idec)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To support consumers groups and associations, through IDEC, to advocate for (i) the power sector reform, (ii), better MEPS, particularly on split ACs and (III) approval of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 10 months Purpose of Grant: To include energy efficiency in industrial policy and productive efficiency in energy policy. The main strategies are: Support ANEEL and EPE in defining economic indicators for energy policy; Technical inputs to the energy efficiency auction; Strategic communication and engagement of the National Congress on the need to integrate productive efficiency in the Tax Reform.

Instituto Escolhas

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To elaborate a social and environmental risk matrix to be applied on power generation projects. The matrix is customized for the Northeastern Region of Brazil.

Projeto Hospitais Saudáveis

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 8 months Purpose of Grant: To support health institutions in designing a purchase mechanism based on energy efficiency and low global warming potential (GWP) criteria. To accomplish this goal, the project will map air conditioner use in this sector, as well work with key institutions in a sustainable purchase program and engage the sector to increase its responsibility toward a low carbon economy.


PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 8 months Purpose of Grant: To include energy efficiency and distributed energy resources in public and private financing lines that are dedicated to buildings, appliances (air conditioning and refrigerators) and the food industry. The project will map what are the specific opportunities and will engage financial institutions that are strategic in the field.

Ass. Arayara de Ed. e Cultura

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To strenght a Brazilian campaign and advocacy CSO, focused on fossil fuels phase out, fostering renewable energy sources. To consolidate a successful campaign against coal mining expansion in the Rio Grande do Sul State, demanding the phase-out of coal power plants, extended to the Northeastern State of Ceará.

Inst. Escolhas

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 10 months Purpose of Grant: To adopt governmental measures that leverage the demand for highly efficient and low GHG emissions room air conditioners and refrigerators, notably, by adopting energy efficiency and low GWP criteria for public procurement mechanisms used by the Federal and the Sao Paulo State governments. The project also envisages to enhance the integration between energy efficiency and industrial policies.

Assoc. de Jovens Engajamundo

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To engage youth about the relationship between energy and climate, taking as starting point room air conditioning energy efficiency.

International Energy Initiative

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 9 months Purpose of Grant: To strengthen internal governance by developing a 5 year strategic plan, and to provide technical and strategic support to K-CEP project in Brazil, notably by providing technical support for minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) review for air conditioners and also for the advocacy campaign to be launched in partnership with the Kigali network.

Fórum de Energias Renováveis de Roraima

PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 24 months Purpose of Grant: To consolidathe Amazonian civil socity´s capability in the proposition and advocacy for renewable energy projects, directed to universalize the access to energy, promoting environment and social sound projects to support local development with increase of formal jobs and family income.


PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 9 months Purpose of Grant: To finalize the development of mechanisms of energy management and energy efficiency for the local government of Florianopolis, by: conclusion of the Public Procurement Manual, engagement of key actors (City Council, civil construction entities and universities) regarding the guidelines to be inserted into the Building Code and the adoption of the monitoring tool for the consumption of energy.


PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 6 months Purpose of Grant: To engage communities in Rio de Janeiro about the role of energy efficiency in the domestic economy and also energy justice. The project will promote a communication campaign to provide evidence of the importance of more efficient equipment, as well as how efficiency is an issue of access to electricity.


PORTFOLIO - Energy Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To review the labeling of household refrigerators in Brazil and bring it closer to best international practices. The project also inaugurates the formal transition of the coordination of the Kigali Project to the IEI.


PORTFOLIO - Power Amount - R$ 250,000 Period - 18 months To mobilize Brazilian Municipalities and States authorities against the fossil fuels exploitation, establishing barriers or ban measures as appropriated, through mobilization of local CSOs to target decision-makers.

LAPPUS – Laboratório de Políticas Públicas e Sociais

PORTFOLIO - Power Amount - R$ 30,000 Period - 6 months To mobilize and inform civil society organizations, government and media from the state of Rio Grande do Sul about the impacts of coal mining activities over the environment and the public health of local communities. The impact of a possible extinction of mining activities will also be addressed.

GBC - Green Building Council – Brasil

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 180,000 Period - 12 months To disseminate the Zero Energy Building concept, standards and procedures, in order to increase the number of certified ZE buildings.

IEI - International Energy Initiative

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 12,000 Period - 3 months To make an initial estimate of the wasted electricity due to inefficient air-conditioners and the resulting systemic costs for the power sector, as well as the greenhouse gas emissions that could be avoided by using more efficient equipment.

Instituto Escolhas

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 600,000 Period - 24 months To strengthen the effectiveness of Instituto Escolhas on advocacy and outreach based on the findings from the research it produces. The objective is to create stronger bridges between the scientific community and stakeholders at public services, private sector and civil society, particularly on the issue of sustainable cities.

IEMA - Instituto de Energia e Meio Ambiente

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 201,000 Period - 9 months To analyze the impact of the insertion of photovoltaic panels into indigenous communities in the Xingú Indigenous Park through the application of mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative). The impact to be measured concerns the installation of solar panels of photovoltaic technology in areas of common use of the villages. IEMA will evaluate a specific implementation of LpT that will be widely used in this final phase of the program.

IEI – International Energy Initiative

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 88.000,00 Period - 5 months To provide local technical assistance for the regulatory impact assessment conducted by LBNL under the K-CEP activities in Brazil.

Instituto Escolhas

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$745.000 Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To produce knowledge on key issues for Brazil´s transition towards a low carbon economy. Power generation and low carbon pathways for the Brazilian economy are the key issue areas to work on.

CEBDS – Conselho Empresarial Brasileiro para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$30.000,00 Period - 6 months Purpose of Grant: To strength the sustainable development culture within the private sector, the Sustentável 2018 will engage executives towards the adoption of internal carbon pricing in corporations as an instrument for strategic planning and decision making support in an age of transition to a low carbon economy.


PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$30.000,00 Period - 6 months Purpose of Grant: This project aims to investigate the role of Brazil in a global context of climate stabilization, with an emphasis on the economic issue. The study incorporates evaluation of a global carbon market, mitigation options and economic impacts related to the compliance of Brazilian NDC. This research ensures continuity in the development of the TEA (Total-Economy Assessment) computable general equilibrium model, which is one of the objectives of this project.

Idec - Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$235.000,00 Period - 4 months Purpose of Grant: To support the capacity of consumers groups on the debate about the power sector reform process and to dissiminate information on energy efficiency for air conditioning during the summer peak period.


IEI – International Energy Initiative (I)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 59,000.00 Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To provide technical support to the Brazilian projectKigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP), by developing a guideline with respect to the regulatory impact analysis for the revision of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) of cooling devices, and also supporting the adaptation of the Policy Analysis Modeling System (PAMS) to the Brazilian context.

IEMA - Institute for Energy and the Environment

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 2,675,000.00 Period - 36 months Purpose of Grant: Institutional support to the IEMA to produce its strategic plan for the next three years (2019-2022) and to implement a series of organizational development initiatives.

IDEC - Institute for the Defense of the Consumer (I)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 700,000.00 Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To influence the market of public policies and household appliances related to energy, presenting the consumers as key players in the promotion of the sustainable practices of production and consumption. Operating strategies: a) to participate in the political arenas of the Executive and Legislative Branches, especially those related to the reform of the electric sector, tariff structures and energy efficiency in the refrigeration sector; b) to implement communication campaigns about the role of consumers in the promotion of a market of energy and household appliances that is favorable to the climate.

CPI - Climate Policy Initiative (I)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 91,000.00 Period - 3 months Purpose of Grant: To develop mechanisms to evaluate the relevance of the energy efficiency projects financed by philanthropy in Brazil, considering their ability to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This will be performed using micro-economic methodology.

CPI - Climate Policy Initiative (II)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 409,000.00 Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To deepen the analysis of empirical data on energy consumption and productivity at relevant industrial activities, and to identify loopholes in public policies for their energy efficiency increase. From the analysis CPI plans to convene decision makers and stakeholders from industry, government, academy and civil society, to identify recommendations tackling barriers for energy efficiency in the sector.

GBC Brasil - Green Building Council

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 208,000.00 Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: To consolidate the Zero Energy program from Green Building Council Brazil, finalizing capacity building and starting new fundraising activities.

Socioambiental Institute (ISA)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 260,000.00 Period - 4 months Purpose of Grant: To support the "Fair and Renewable Energy and Community Symphosium" - an effort to promote renewable energy sources in the Roraima State in the Amazon, focusing on remote indigenous communities.

IDEC - Institute for the Defense of the Consumer (II)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 120.000,00 Period - 6 months Purpose of Grant: To ensure that consumer rights and climate change issues are taken into account during the power sector reform process.

CBCS - Conselho Brasileiro de Construção Sustentável

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 200.000,00 Period - 12 months Purpose of Grant: TTo develop tools, providing technical assistance, with local government to improve energy efficiency policies at municipal level. A pilot will be done in Florianópolis. The grant also supports CBCS to develop its fundraising strategy.

UFABC - Universidade Federal do ABC

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 64.000,00 Period - 13 months Purpose of Grant: To foster the development of a tool for the assessment of regulatory impacts of Law 10.295 / 2001, regarding the energy efficiency of air conditioners. Additionally, the project must also enable the transfer of information and technically based methodologies to support the decision-making process. This tool should be made available and transferred to public sector stakeholders. To this end, meetings and training of involved teams will be held.

IEI - International Energy Initiative (II)

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 250.000,00 Period - 13 months Purpose of Grant: To support the Kigali Project in the increase of at least 30%.the average energy efficiency of the Brazilian air-conditioners. The project has two groups of activities: 1. technical support to Kigali project; and 2. communication and advocacy together other organizations at the Kigali Project.

IEL/RR - Inst. Euvaldo Lodi -Roraima

PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 366.000,00 Period - 15 months Purpose of Grant: To create and consolidate a Forum for Renewable Energy in the Roraima State, in order to bring different stakeholders together (local civil society, private and public sectors, State representatives at the National Congress, NGOs, academia and indigenous population representatives, to push for policies that will promote renewable and stop an fossil fuels based power system in the middle of the Amazon.


PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 450.000,00 Period - 2 months Purpose of Grant: To establish the fundamentals for a successful campaign against coal, based on activities developed in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State. Public engagement, advocacy content, legal instruments, and arguments within a consistent narrative are the key elements of the Project.


PORTFOLIO - Energy Amount - R$ 120.000,00 Period - 5 months Purpose of Grant: To establish conceptual ground for legal actions tackling coal in thermal power plants as a source of climate change, combined with arguments on public health and environment protection.

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