The goal of the portfolio is to work towards the implementation of the NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution), which Brazil undertook to fulfill under the Paris Agreement. To this end, it is necessary to ensure that the country's climate strategy addresses other development policies and decisions.

The portfolio strategy comprises the following initiatives:

To support organizations that make advocacy, monitor, and assist Brazil in fulfilling its NDC – Provision of support for organizations that monitor the country's climate policies, that campaign for compliance, or that produce knowledge that contributes to the implementation of such policies, also increasing climate ambition.

To monitor international climate policy – Follow-up on international processes relevant to the climate agenda and Brazilian actions with regard to such processes, in order to foster the consistency of Brazil's external and internal climate policies.

To engage more players in the climate agenda - Bringing climate change debate and activism to segments of society that are not currently involved in the issue.

To ensure that the climate change issue is part of the agenda of the members of the National Congress - bringing the issue of climate change to the agenda of lawmakers. Promoting and carrying out debates with potential influence on these policies and building tools to be used in the training of emerging leaders engaged in the discussion of this issue.

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