The goal of the Law and Climate portfolio is to ensure that the justice system plays a positive and assertive role in the implementation of the Paris Agreement in Brazil. In order to reach this goal, we work with civil society, the private sector and governmental authorities in four initiatives:


Court rulings restore environmental governance and drive down deforestation in line with NDC*.


​Litigation accelerates the energy transition (power and transport).


​Tax, public investment and financial legal frameworks are reformed through litigation.

Legal community is equipped to litigate on high-impact cases.


Instituto Preservar

PORTFOLIO - Law and Climate Period - 12 months Purpose of the grant: To provide effective legal responses, based on the socio-environmental and climate framework, to the mining projects and legal initiatives that are barriers to energy transition in Rio Grande do Sul. The grant will strengthen the operation of civil society to organize and monitor strategic actions, and support the legal system in the monitoring of the implementation of state climate policies.